Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to School

Sean and the Big Book
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Erin has been back to school all week. While we are glad to see her so happy, the fact that she takes a nap a school has made for some LONG nights this week. Combined with me trying to stay up to watch the convention (wasn't Obama's speech beyond words) and last night my Deacons were on TV and I have been sleep deprived much of the week.

But before I turn in - a couple of funny things from the last couple of weeks.

GrandJo and PopPop bought Erin a set of Tinker Toys and they brought them out last week. Erin made many abstract works and she and Grand Jo played art museum with them. But one day Erin struck a pose on the floor and told Grand Jo that she was a sculpture for sale. "Oh, how much?" inquired GrandJo "Four dollars. Buy one get one free." To which I would have replied (but GrandJo didn't) "No thanks, one of you is PLENTY!!" And people say the media doesn't influence children....

Tonight after dinner we spent a long time around mom and dad's table with Sean rolling busses, cars, trucks across the table. It's so strange that we had these same cars and trucks for Erin but she never took any interest in them and now Sean can play with them for hours. Boys and girls. Wired differently. Oh, and if you want to see something really Sean wash his face.

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Joy said...

I found your life very entertaining, and I just wanted to say, it is refreshing to see a mother enjoy her family the way that you do. I had to say thank you for your Shakespeare website. My 14 is using it for an English project on Shakespeare's Globe theatre, and it was great to find a "one-stop shop." Thank you for all the hard work so moms like me don't have to go gray looking for reliable sources.